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Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury

Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury is the longest running Senior Focused Radio Program in Oklahoma.  Each week topics are discussed to make a difference in your life! on News Radio KTOK1000 every Saturday at 9 a.m.

The show offers vital information for adults.

Eunice Khoury has made it her mission to help senior citizens preserve their health, wealth and the freedom to live life the way they choose! She has geared this show and her financial advisory business towards making sure seniors have the means and knowledge to live the fullest lives possible.

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Our special guest is Jose Olivero, Public Affairs Specialist with Social Security. We will discuss the issue of Social Security recipients and the Economic Impact Payments, how to process a claim by phone, and more, Tune in Saturday!

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04-04-2020 - Well Preserved
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Live from D.C our guest is Lance Robertson, Administrator, HHS Administration for Community Living, Assist. Sec. for Aging, discussing battling social isolation, support for meals, and the latest on Federal Government support. Tune in Saturday!

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03-28-2020 - Well Preserved
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1955 was a very good year! Were you born in '55 and are trying to enroll in Medicare? Having issues? We can help. Join Patrick, Keri, and Eunice on enrolling in Medicare and what the Well Preserved Advisory Group is doing to help our clients. Kim Lopez checks in to help you avoid scams. Tune In Saturday!

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03-21-2020 - Well Preserved
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How can we help you? Dee Edwards with Comfort Keepers is n studio. Tune in Saturday! 

Did you miss a previous radio program?

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03-14-2020 - Well Preserved
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All the latest updates with our special guest Shirley Mears, a legend in Senior Programs, Also joining Eunice are David David with Shrine Circus, and Bill Price will give us an update on OKC Town Hall events. Tune in Saturday! 

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