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We Give Back!

After 30 years serving Oklahomans and neighboring states, I am pleased to welcome a team to continue service to Oklahomans for years to come. Eunice specializes in Medicare, Long Term Care, and Retirement Planning.  Several years ago the agency name was changed to Well Preserved. Well Preserved now has the option.  To offer many plans to help our clients accomplish their retirement goals.   Eunice also serves on The Frank and Barbara Broyles Foundation.  The Broyles Foundation with over a decade of service to caregivers. Eunice also hosts the longest-running Senior Focused Radio program in Oklahoma.  Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury is LIVE every Saturday at 9AM on News Radio 1000 KTOK.  Well Preserved has guests on weekly that can make a difference in many Senior’s Lives.  The Well Preserved office located at 4800 North Mayfair Drive in Oklahoma hosts several fundraisers on an annual basis for non-profits.  Eunice's goal for you is to preserve your health, wealth, and freedom to live life the way you choose! 

Patrick Munnerlyn is an Investment Advisor Representative. Last year, we changed our company’s name to “The Well Preserved Advisory Group” because our services we now offer go beyond the scope of an Insurance Agency. Through Patrick, we can now offer investment recommendations and portfolio management for either a flat fee or a percentage under management.

Mia Munnerlyn

Mia Munnerlyn is the director of media for Well Preserved.  She is the first-born granddaughter of Eunice Khoury.   She designed the newest website and is also responsible for the weekly Newsletter, company Facebook and Instagram, and is the go-to photo editor.  Besides working at the agency, Mia enjoys thrift and antique shopping, finding and trying new foods, and drinking Boba tea. She hopes to be a practicing cosmetologist in the near future.

Carolyn Cummings

Carolyn Cummings, a Colorado Springs native, has recently returned to Oklahoma and enjoying the growth the city has made in the last 30 years.  Past employment included transportation and construction industry.  She is active in many volunteer and professional organizations. As a delegated family historian and grandmother of 5, she diligently tries preserving the past for their future.  Working on senior issues has become her new passion. She has always enjoyed older people even as a child because of the stories they share. Her family has always been full of storytellers and poets, always talking about ancestors and the ways of the past generations. She says she has recently realized that "she is now an older people and that getting old is not for sissies but it really is an adventure!"

Mike Gannon

Mike Gannon, has been the producer for Well Preserved since it began on KTOK! Having been in radio for over 25 years, he has realized WKRP in Cincinnati is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the guilty.  

Keri Dennis

Keri Dennis is an independent insurance agent specializing in Medicare options and Long-Term Care Planning.  Keri joins our agency as a staple in the senior healthcare industry and can help navigate our clients and families through the many challenges and options facing our senior today.  Keri is also former Field Representative of Congressman Tom Cole and ready to help you with your insurance needs.


Benji is Eunice's dog. He is the official office greeter! Come to the office and give him a treat! He'll be waiting for you. 

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